Here Is Everything You're Getting With The Mobile Video Blueprint!

If you want to effortlessly attract patients and build massive amounts of goodwill in your community ...without having to spend $1000's, waste hours or be one of those pushy, sleazy docs...this is for you.


Here's what you're getting getting with The Mobile Video Blueprint and how it can help you NOW.

  • The 5 Part Video Template to help you effortless script short, engaging and magnetic videos.

    Most doc's know that making videos is a powerful way to communicate their brand, explain the value of their care, and build relationships with their patients and potential patients.


    Where they get stuck is knowing how to structure a short and engaging video.


    With the Mobile Video Blueprint you'll get access to my 5 part video template.  You’ll learn how to make a killer introduction (the most important part of any video), how to frame your content so your audience continues to watch and I'll show you how to deliver a magnetic call to action that has watchers want to call your office, subscribe to your page and interact with your social media posts 


    With this template even the most introverted and camera shy amongst you will be creating more videos than a Hollywood film studio in no time at all.

  • Downloadable Templates To Help You Create Compelling and Engaging Content

    Your single focus needs to be on making videos that actually solve your audiences problems.


    When you create compelling and engaging content...that makes the lives of your audience better, you’ll effortlessly be able to build trust authority, expertise and even celebrity.


    As trust and expertise grow…so to will the number of people ringing your office requesting's that simple.


    ​You'll get access to my 10 favourite content templates that will help you come up with an almost infinite number of video ideas and keep your videos fresh for your viewers.  

  • Save $1000's by learning how to make professional videos using just your mobile device.

    Our mobile devices come with cameras that you would have paid thousands for just a few short years ago...but you must know how to get the most of your mobile devices.


    If your videos lack a professional appeal it will subconsciously repel your audience.


    I'll simplify the principles of lighting, audio, framing so no one will ever believe that your videos aren't made using professional grade equipment!


    Your community will see the quality of your videos as a reflection of the quality of your service.


    The Mobile Video Blueprint will show you exactly how to make professional videos that will WOW any audience.

  • How To Edit Your Videos.

    Sadly I’ve ruined many great videos with poor editing.  


    I’ll show you through the principles of editing as you look over my shoulder and watch me edit a video in real time.


    ...and I’ll show you how to do all of this on your mobile device…yep..that’s right, no need to buy expensive equipment.


    You'll learn how to add text and images to your videos and I'll even show you my favourite editing tricks that allow me to cover up mistakes that I make during filming.


We're also including access to The Social Media Summit.


We interviewed 9 industry leading social media experts and asked them to help you remove the social media confusion and overwhelm so you can turn on the new patient tap in your practice.


Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

  • We’ll introduce you to the hottest social media marketing opportunity that’s open to you at the moment.

  • You’ll learn how to set up a world class social media marketing campaign that takes on minutes a day so you can stop wasting time and start attracting patients now!

  • You’ll find out the little known trick that algorithm proofs your posts so 100% of your content gets seen every time.

  • We’ll coach you through a simple process so you can get a clear sense of your authentic message so you can start attracting the patients that want exactly what you offe

  • We'll reveal how to use Facebook groups to "turbo boost" your reach and engagement so you can effortless build trust, expertise and authority in your community.

  • ...and last but not least our experts will share with you how they got over the fear of putting themselves “out there” on social media.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.



Keep saving lives



Angus and Tony

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"Angus' training is one of the best I've ever seen. You'll be making high quality videos that educate and entertain people in no time flat. You'll become a literal new patient magnet that new patient prospects can't wait to call!"

Chris Burfield

VanBurf Media

I knew very well that videos were the way forward, but ADIO have helped me get the skills and their amazing level of support has helped to move our practice to the next level. Nothing is too much trouble for this team. A HUGE thank-you from the heart - I had been waiting for what you guys do for a while.

Lisa Smyzc


Your Fascilitator

ADIO Media

Angus Pyke

Dr Angus Pyke is the Co-founder fo ADIO Media, author and a passionate Chiropractor. Angus has a deep love for all things marketing and a passion for liberating health professionals to a life of choice not obligation. Angus' teaching style and depth of knowledge will have you producing highly engaging videos in a very short time. 

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