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The All Star Summit 2

7 Leading Chiropractic Coaches Open Their Vaults, Teaching You The Keys To Running A Truly World Class Practice.


What you'll learn...

Day 1: The World Class Initial Consultation.

  • Dr Tom Preston introduce us to the concept of management by agreement and explains why this strategy is so valuable in the new patient visit.

  • Dr Laurence Tham begins by explaining why the world class new patient visit begins by positioning yourself as the authority and you’ll learn the simple steps to becoming an authority.

  • Dr Krysti Wick shares why she believes the world class new patient visit is all about Connection, Curiosity and Certainty.

  • Dr Josh Wagner sharing why he believes scripting sabotages chiropractic and then introduces us to the concept of patient centred communication. 

  • Dr Liam Schubel discusses the important role that pitch, tone and rate of speech have on the world class consultation and you’ll also learn the subtle things that you might be doing that could be acting as barriers.

  • Dr David Fletcher begins the discussion on the world class new patient visit by introducing us the acronym E.L.I (eye ball, love and inspiration) and you’ll learn the role these factors play in the world class new patient visit. 

  • You’ll find out why Dr Brad Glowaki believes the foundation for a world class new patient visit is to attract believers first. Brad talks about the downside of running “Groupon” style adds or offering free visits in the early stages of someones care.

Day 2: The World Class Report Of Findings.

  • Dr Liam Schubel explains the benefits of doing a group presentation before any report of findings. You’ll learn what kind of topics to cover as well as finding out how long this visit should be and Liam introduces us to the concept of the 3 minute X-ray report. He explains why he believes X-ray (and in particular the arc of life) is the easiest and most powerful tool to use to explain chiropractic. 

  • Dr David Fletcher shares a brilliant roadmap to help guide you through the entire world class report of findings. You’ll be introduced to David’s “Rule of 12” and you’ll find out how this simple procedure will help you to drastically improve retention and decrease stress in your practice.

  • You’ll find out why Dr Brad Glowaki’s goal in the world class report of findings is to get patients started not finished. (i.e patients don’t become lifetime patients at the ROF) and Brad shares why he doesn’t do yearly care plans anymore (hint he explains why second money is so much easier than first money).

  • Dr Tom Preston talks about the role of a video presentation pre visit 1 and 2 and explains what he sees as the key ingredients of these presentations.

  • Dr Krysti Wick shares the 3 biggest mistakes that chiropractors make when discussing frequency and duration with their patients.  

  • Dr Josh Wagner begins by explaining why he doesn’t like the concept or even the name of the Report Of Findings and we talk about why the report doesn't have to be on day 2 (it could and often should be on day 1, 4, 5,6 etc)

Day 3: The World Class Regular

Office Visit.

  • Dr Josh Wagner reminds us of the important of the 3 essentials of communication in the world class adjustment visit and talks about how he uses the 5 senses to create an experience for his patients that encourages them to want to talk about you.

  • You’ll find out why Dr Liam Schubel thinks that the world class adjustment visit is more about mindset than it is about procedures and Liam shares how he addresses the issue of an adjustment only taking 1 -2 minutes. 

  • Dr David Fletcher introduces us to the acronym T.G.R (tone, geometric shift, re-patterning) and he explains how we can implement this to achieve better results with our adjustments.David shares what he believes the ultimate result of a world class adjustment should be. (hint…it’s not moving the bone!)

  • Dr Tom Preston talks about his morning huddle and explains why it’s essential and what exactly he and his team do during this 5 minutes procedure.

  • Dr Laurence Tham shares some great strategies to help rekindle your love and passion for chiropractic and you’ll hear what Laurence believes are the key factors that lead to poor PVA

  • Dr Krysti Wick discusses why the world class adjustment visit actually begins with the team at the front desk. (Krysti even shares her favourite greetings!) and Krysti shares how she and her team go about keeping their energy SUPER HIGH!

Day 4: World Class Marketing.

  • You’ll love this… Dr Tom Preston role plays exactly how he asks for referrals. (there was one key distinction here that rarely gets spoken about and will sky rocket your results.)

  • Dr Laurence Tham begins by sharing with us why AUTHORITY is the key for world class marketing and you’ll learn the biggest barriers that prevent chiropractors from becoming authorities.

  • In this session you’ll learn the role that BRAND plays in world class marketing and Dr Krysti Wick talks about the importance of taking every opportunity to share your WHY in your marketing.

  • Find out why Dr Josh Wagner thinks you should pick a condition/niche to position yourself as an expert in and find out what niche/conditions work and what don’t.

  • Dr Liam Schubel begins this interview by sharing why he believes world class chiropractic marketing is all about relationships and Liam gives some powerful strategies on how we can make a bigger impact in our community. 

  • We had a fascinating discussion with Dr David Fletcher around the Meister Eckhart quote - “ Become aware of what is in you. Announce it, pronounce it, produce it and give birth to it.” and you’ll learn how this relates to success in your marketing. David also shares a simple strategy that he used to get access to the corporate world (and bucket loads of new patients) to build strong lasting corporate relationships.

Meet our Faculty

Dr Brad Glowaki

Dr David Fletcher

Dr Josh Wagner

Dr Krysti Wick

Dr Laurence Tham

Dr Liam Schubel

Dr Tom Preston

The All Star Summit 2

The All Star

Summit 2

Never before has the chiropractic profession had access to such profound information in a format like this. You’re only 12 hours away from running/owning/having the world class chiropractic practice that up until now you’ve only ever dreamed about. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Stand on the shoulders of these giants and fast track your success so you can be working in your world class practice (..and life) so much sooner!

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