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The All Star Summit

8 Leading Chiropractic Coaches Open Their Vaults, Teaching You The Keys To Running A Truly World Class Practice.


What you'll learn...

Day 1: The World Class Initial Consultation.

  • You'll discover some fascinating conclusions from the research literature about what patients actually expect when visiting a health care professional.

  • Find out why the mantra of Educate, Educate, Educate is the LAST thing your want to be doing in the new patient visit.

  • Our experts share the ideal length that your new patient form needs to be in order not to subconsciously repel your patients.

  • You'll learn brilliant strategies for building rapport and relieving concerns and fears (these are a must if you want to have a world class new patient visit).

  • Our experts coaches shares their favourite tools and props to use during the new patient visit.

  • You'll discover the biggest mistakes that chiropractors are making in the NP visit. These mistakes create road blocks to a world class new patient visit.

  • We talk all about how to make THE RIGHT FIRST IMPRESSIONS - music, sight, smell, sight and feel.

  • Find out the why some of our experts believes the “cookie cutter” approach to the new patient visit is a big mistake!

Day 2: The World Class Report Of Findings.

  • One of our experts will share with you the four questions that must be answered for your report of findings to be world class (sadly most chiropractors often only address 2 or 3 of these)

  • You'll finally discover the keys to finally getting your patients to get what you do and want what you offer!

  • You learn why TELLING your patients what needs to happen is often an unsuccessful strategy for long term retention.

  • You’ll find out why most of the challenges that any of us experience in the report of findings actually have nothing to do with the report of findings at all!

  • Our experts discuss some simple techniques for reconnecting with your patients before jumping into sharing your findings.

  • We discuss why FLEXIBILITY should be a key characteristic in your ROF and the dangers of having a one size fits all script.

  • You’ll learn why one of our experts NEVER uses the word subluxation in his report of findings.

  • If you’ve ever had difficulty with recommendations and finances then you’ll love the simple and effective strategies our experts share to help get you over this hurdle. 

Day 3: The World Class Regular

Office Visit.

  • You'll learn why the regular office visit is where retention really lives and why retention is really the KEY to a world class chiropractic practice.

  • We discuss the importance of a pre shift huddle with your staff (you'll also learn exactly what to cover during this simple meeting).

  • During one brilliant session one of our experts shares a fabulous 4 step blueprint that will help you effortless provide better care to more people in less time.

  • You'll discover a simple question to ask people who don’t seem to be seeing results or getting the “big picture” of chiropractic

  • Find out why repetition is one of the biggest challenges that we face as chiropractors and how it often get’s in the way of a world class daily interaction.

  • You’ll learn the role that novelty plays in keeping the doctor focused and fresh.

  • Uncover the challenges that can result if your adjustment visit begins with addressing your patients symptoms. You’ll also learn an alternate approach.

  • Find out why one of our experts believes that calling your patients after their first adjustment and asking them how they are feeling is actually a big mistake!

Day 4: World Class Marketing.

  • Learn why one of our experts believes that EVERYTHING you do, think and say is MARKETING!


  • We discuss some of dangerous limiting beliefs that prevent many chiropractors from becoming world class marketers.


  • You’ll discover why all world class marketing must begins with clarifying your niche (target market).


  • We go over the nuts and bolts of a sample marketing campaign (this was gold).


  • We were reminded that regardless of how good your marketing is your cannot out market a poor product!


  • You’ll learn when it’s totally ok for YOU to NEVER MARKET!


  • We discuss why it’s WAY CHEAPER to keep a patient than get a new one.

  • Find out how one of our experts uses text messages to re-connect with patients.

  • We dive deep into the psychology of referrals and we find out the real reason why people actually refer!

Meet our Faculty

Dr David Jackson

Dr Stephen Franson

Dr Shawn Powers

Dr Shawn Dill

Dr Martin Harvey

Dr Troy Dukowitz

Brandi MacDonald

Dr Russ Rosen

The All Star Summit

Never before has the chiropractic profession had access to such profound information in a format like this. You’re only 16 hours away from running/owning/having the world class chiropractic practice that up until now you’ve only ever dreamed about. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Stand on the shoulders of these giants and fast track your success so you can be working in your world class practice (..and life) so much sooner!

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